Awards and Exhibitions

Art Awards & Exhibitions

2023 – Art to Art Unearthed Art Prize Finalist
2023 – Lethbridge Landscape Finalist
2023 – Doyles Art Prize Finalist

2023 - Aspire Gallery Petite Pieces Art Prize
2023 – Aspects Art Show Highly Commended
2023 – Facets of Fairholme Finalist
2023 – Corner Store Gallery Mini Series Art Prize Finalist

2023 Exhibitions: Affordable Art Fair Melbourne, Country and Landscapes by Stevens Street Gallery, Home by Gifts at Tea Cup, Daybreak by Gifts at Teacup, Inverell Art Prize, Aspects Art Show, Toowoomba Grammar Art Show, The Tower Art Show, Beaux Art Show, Roam by Aspire Gallery, The Next Big Thing by Toowoomba Gallery

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